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Course suggestion: master in law (LLM)

  • 18 September 2019
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I would suggest a master degree in law (LLM).
There are many students and managers interested in this type of training

4 replies

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Hi @Segna1. Thanks for taking the time to make this suggestion. It would be helpful if you could provide more details. Please read this post about making a course suggestion: Read this first: Best Practices When Making a Course Suggestion.
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I agree. I read

through several schools catalogs made a list of courses needed for a LLM. I then did a degree audit and found that I have complete the same law courses and would have enough credits if my course certificates earn credit, to have a LLM.

This would be a great if Coursera could arrange a partnership with the universities that currently teach law courses.

FYI edx has a MicroMaster in International Law. I took that program and well as several law courses here, so if you guys could consider a move I would like for my certs to be retroactive and to be involved and consulted in the project.


I attached a few of my certificates earn because it seems that no one views coursea or edx education as credible. Well credible enough to give me a job or hire services.

So I figure I can flex my certificates here since this is where much of my law education is being facilitated.

But please if you would offer LLM Program, this must be ABA Approved, Thanks! 


Hi Laura ; Derived from Legum Magister, meaning master of laws in Latin, the LLM degree is an internationally recognized post-Juris Doctor (JD) law degree, most commonly sought out by legal professionals interested in specializing. In the case of foreign-educated lawyers, the LLM is used to become more familiar with the intricacies of the U.S. legal system.