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Chess and Baduk games

  • 4 July 2019
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Good afternoon Community.
As part of an specialization on personal development, mental health, social skills and so on, I would like to propouse a new course to develop that includes learn about Chess game and Baduk game (maybe other games too).
Any opinion?
Never is too late to learn

1 reply

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Hello @Educational leadership,

I think your proposal is very interesting, however, i want to emphasize something that you should keep in mind, citing what @Laura once wrote to me. The course teaching staff are usually employed by the university or the industry partner (for example: University of Michigan or deeplearning .ai, respectively). The course instructors decides which teaching staff to have on their team. Coursera does not hire course teaching staff directly.
Therefore, it is a follow-up with a long process where many aspects must be considered to transform that idea into a course and which University/Institution will offer it. Wanting to express myself in the most detailed way possible.

Chess is said to be sport science, as my opinion your idea achieves several points in favor, depending on the perspective that would be taken and which sector is aimed (children, youth, adults) and in which comprehension technique (difficulty beginner, intermediate or advanced), as well what environment you want to associate (cognitive chess, recreational chess, social chess).

I can tell you that for me the idea is pleasant, because i belong to a chess foundation for many years, with respect and permission i write the name, newchessint, created here in my region by an official chess referee 10-11 years ago.
It's a Sports Club for children and young people from schools who play with intelligence for the promotion of values, entrepreneurship and use of free time through chess as a social inclusion and peace. I have felt a very positive impact with the childrens and i am happy playing chess.

About Baduk and other games, I don't know what write to you because i didn't have the opportunity of these an educational experience at a social level. It seems to me a nice post and if another member of the community has some relevant words or games experiences they will be well received.