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Arts and Humanities classes

  • 21 March 2019
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I would like to see more arts and humanities classes added, in particular more art and design classes. These could be on the history of art and/or design or they could be hands on creation classes.
At this time Coursera offers the Cal-Arts intro to graphic design five course specialization, which is a good start. That offered a couple of hands on art and design classes, an introduction to the history of graphic design and an introduction to typography -all of which I took and all of which were both enjoyable and educational.
On the edX platform, I took a class on Natural History Illustration, which was a hands on drawing class with clearly defined peer graded assignments, self assessments and a couple of tests.
I think more hands-on courses on various aspects of art or particular styles would be fantastic. I would also like to see in depth classes on the history of art and design, from ancient times to modern and from all parts of the world.
As to who I would like to see teach these, any University with an art department would be fine -it doesn't have to be a art-particular school like Cal-Arts, though if they wanted to do more that would be fun, too.

4 replies

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Sounds so much interesting!
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I agree -- it is much easier to find STEM classes on every online platform than to find arts/humanities classes. Hands-on creation classes would be wonderful, and I would love to see courses that introduce students to the most influential artworks, paintings, and music throughout history. Courses about contemporary art appreciation, curation of art collections in museums, etc. would also be interesting!
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I agree, and I would also want to add that we need more courses for intermediate learners. I finished the basic design course and now I’m in between and don’t know how to proceed.

I had been interested in a basic course on drawing and there weren’t any here.

I also wish there were more creative writing courses, not associated with a specialization but alone. There have been some, but more would be wonderful such as the art of writing a short story or a poem.