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An online Coursera master degree

  • 21 May 2019
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Hi guys,

I'm extremely happy to join this lovely community. I was wondering if Coursera could create an online teaching master degree delivered entirely on the platform. Any suggestions?



4 replies

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Dear Aziz, Thank you for being in touch about your interest in Master's Degrees! Coursera is actively exploring a number of new degree programs, and we will of course let this community know when new degrees are available to take through our platform.

In the meantime, I recommend the University of Illinois' MasterTrack in Instructional Design which offers Master's level education courses with expert grading and live sessions with the faculty team. Check out the details here:

Appreciate your excitement to dive into new topics and happy learning!

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Hi Alexandra,

Thanks for your response. The issue is that financial aid is not available in the MasterTrack certificates. A lot of learners can afford to pay the fees and even if they do, there are so many currency and online payment problems especially in under developed countries.


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Hi, Aziz,

It will be really beneficial for people to find a master's degree in teaching. Though, being a teacher myself, I understand this is rather difficult to structure and organize one such a course in terms of the practical module and supervisions.

However, I am a believer in the progress and in the potential and "magical" abilities of Coursera to deal with the complexities. If they manage I will be lucky to opt for mentor in this course and why not as a facilitator.

I just gave a look to the Master's program of Illinois of which @Alexandra has shared and it seems just great.

Kind regards,


Check out the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign!

They have several MOOCS from their education graduate programs; The details of how you can transfer them into graduate credit with additional work and fees are in their introductions. For whatever reason, they never made them into a specialization, but if you want a MA in educational, then you can start today. Sorry that its not entirely on the platform.

They have 8 MOOCS that fit into their graduate degree and certificate programs; here's one: