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You have been hired to develop a plan for implementing a windows active directory network for a small office of 25 people.

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Develop a plan for implementing a Windows Active Directory network for a small office of 25 people. In place is three servers- an Active Directory domain controller, a file server, and a print server. There are five departments- Marketing, Accounting, Management, Sales and IT.

Each person has a Windows 10 desktop to use except for the 5 salespeople who have laptops. There is a printer for each department and a network copier to which all staff can print. There are 2 people in IT.

On the file server, there is a folder called OfficeWide that everyone has full access to and each department has its own folder to which only department members have access. Members of the management office have full access to all folders. Each user will have a personal folder to which only they have access.

  • Develop a policy for network accounts- what is the convention for user names and what are the password requirements. (Ex. one username convention might be firstInitiallastName- ie. ALincoln)
  • What groups should be part of the network?
  • How will access to department folders and the officewide folder be managed? What permissions are given to each folder and who gets them?
  • How will printing be managed as outlined in the description above?
  • How will patch management happen? When will patches be applied?
  • Is there remote access to the network resources? If so, how will this be provided?
  • What security will be in place to protect resources? Describe how least privilege will be implemented.

This information should be in a report form that is presented to the managers of the company. It should include an introduction outline of the task and a conclusion summarizing the next steps. Heading and bullets may be used to improve the reliability of the report.

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Studying hard? :)

@Yorke72, you’re not seriously expecting that anyone will do this entire report for you, are you?

Does anyone have a clue which course this assignment is from? (if it is an actual assignment).

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Hello @Yorke72. This sounds like instructions for a course assignment that you’ve copied and pasted here. Could you please tell us more about what you’re looking for?

@Mateusz Kita I’m interested too, sounds like a cybersecurity or similar system administration course.

@Yorke72 I understand that as students we might have time issues and social pressures, or just the need to breathe air) -- but in the end, these factors destroy the only attitude we really need, which is being able to enjoy troubles and see them as an opportunity to grow up.

Solutions never come in one moment, the basic principle of problem-solving is “identify the question”. Take your time (and thanks for the inspiration!)

ps - guessing: