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Which computer language is the most demanding or going to be in upcoming years?

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You can also share your personal experiences with the computer languages. What do you feel about them & whether it should be in demand in near future or not.

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Dear Zahabiya:

iam very happy to read you thanks alot for your Agree the most language actualy is english because you have 80 contries talk english and learn courses withe technology and developer very advanced .

Ilook forward to hearing from you soon

Best Wishes,
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Hi @Zahabiya01. Are you referring to programming languages? Or languages like English, Spanish, Mandarin ... 🙂
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So sorry, I forgot to mention Computer language😅
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@Bahamas2020 Thank you for your response but I was asking about computer languages.😅
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Cristiano Marques
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Oh That's great!
My plan is to focus on JavaScrips frameworks like Angular, React and Vue. Although these are not computer languages but frameworks built upon JavaScript, they have a huge scope. What do you huys think about them.

Best Wishes,
Shalini, Cloud Hotel ERP
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