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Where to start with IBM?

  • 8 July 2019
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After looking through IBM's website and coursera's classes on IBM AI Watson and enjoying the companies and industries IBM supports has me interested in job opportunities I could find in the future with IBM/Apple. I have used Apple for many years. My background is in finance: Series 6 Mutual Funds, Series 7 Brokerage Securities, Series 31Managed Futures, Series 63 Uniform Securities State Laws and Life and Health and Client Relationship Management. I was hired out of college with Fidelity Investments a long time ago, and I never finished my bachelor's degree . I currently just bought 2019 Series 7 Brokerage Securities to update myself on the industry in addition to participating in future Webinars at Fidelity Investments.

Would you recommend starting with the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate, and then completing the AI Foundations for Everyone? Or just going straight to AI Foundations for Everyone? Do I still need the Bachelor's Degree to work at IBM? or starting somewhere completely different?

I actually signed myself up for the IBM Data Science not realizing that there was an AI Foundations for Everyone.

My burning question is do I need to finish my undergraduate degree?
I have a few credits shy of an associates degree currently with a 3.8 GPA. Work history would likely count, but last time I checked into that at a college I had to pay the school as if I took the classes. Colleges say you can use "work history" but they end up making you still pay the money. I would have to pay for the classes that I tested out of....for work history. This was about 6 years ago things may have changed, but....

3 replies

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Dear Vintage:
welcome iAppreciate your thread ifind it excellent me too iam learning withe ibm in watson studion ifind it excellent

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Hi Lahcene,

Happy learning...

Best Wishes!
Do you need to finish your degree for what? To become a data scientist? If that's your question, then (as a data scientist -- PhD level -- who is pummeled with invites to apply to DS jobs), at the very least, you'll need to find a way to demonstrate data science core competencies beyond completing a MOOC. Most employers seek data scientists with at least a bachelor's degree in STEM and 5 or more years of experience. At minimum, you'll need a clear demonstration of proficiency in advanced statistics and a programming language (Python, R, sometimes the job description will list JAVA; but Python is a biggie in DS) along with an intermediate knowledge of SQL.

Good luck!