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What's the best online Computer Science course you've taken?

(It doesn't have to be a Coursera course!). What did you enjoy most about it?

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I haven't done a lot of Computer Science courses being a Data Scientist myself but I've used Pluralsight quite a bit in the past. It offers a range of courses for software developers, data professionals, IT ops, cyber security, etc.

You can also choose to follow a path to learn a particular programming language, and do short multiple choice tests as you follow your path to see your progress, which is really nice.
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[h4]Google IT Support Professional Certificate[/h4]
cicsco network basics
The best intro course for CS I ever saw is CS50 from HarvardX. It is available in edX. The reason is the instructor gives very descriptive information about the topics and it starts from the basic ideas using even Scratch and then every topic becomes more advanced week-by-week. The course covers everything necessary which will help you to feel confident in programming.

Another amazing CS course I have ever taken is Nand2Tetris which is available in Coursera. The reason is the course explain how the memory is made, why binary system is used, what is boolean algebra and so on. As a homework students need to make their own logical gates using De-Morgan laws, their own memory, CPU and assembler for the CPU. Second part of the course is in the same mood but software concentrated where you make your own VM machine translator, compiler, OS libraries.
Algorithms I and II from Princeton (Coursera). Taught by Robert Sedgwick and Kevin Wayne. It really kickstarted my quest to get comfortable with Java and moving towards implementing data structures. From that point onwards i adapted Java as main language when Technical Interviews.

The Analytics Edge from Edx was another i really liked.


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