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Webinar: Growth Engineering at Coursera

  • 20 February 2019
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Webinar: Growth Engineering at Coursera
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Join Richa Khandelwal for a 1-hour webinar about growth engineering. Growth engineering is a hot new area and can be different across the industry depending on the type of product and users. This webinar will cover growth engineering at Coursera and contrast it with other companies like Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

Level: Beginner and up. Designed for people who want to learn about the field of growth engineering.

This webinar took place on 25 February 2019.

Webinar Recording

About the Speaker
Richa is Engineering Manager on the Growth team at Coursera. Her team is responsible for driving top of funnel growth to monthly active learners and degree learners on the platform. Richa has been a multi-stack engineer, working on the backend, mobile, and frontend at companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and MapR Technologies in addition to Coursera. She transitioned into her leadership role in early 2018. A lifelong learner and passionate about technology, she is always looking for opportunities to bring more diversity in the tech community through group and individual mentorship in the area of technology and career development.

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As promised, here are the slides from the webinar https://speakerdeck.com/richk/growth-engineering-at-coursera
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I had the opportunity to hear Theodoros Moulos at the Voxxed Days Thessaloniki 2018 and talk with him afterwards.

It would be a pleasure to attend this webinar.

I'll be waiting for it!

Thanks in advance!