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Web Design Course Comparisons

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I'm interested in the Web Design for Everybody Specialization or the Introduction to Web Development course. They both seem similar, and I'm wondering which one I should pursue. I'm a beginner with little to no experience.

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This is a great question, @Breanne083. The Specialization is made up of 5 courses, so I imagine it would be a bigger time commitment and you'd also cover more material than in a single course.

@Esmail Sayed Salah @MasudHaider @Yacie – do you have experience with this Specialization or course?
At face value I will answer the question by the following key words, "design" and "develop"
Design sounds more like biased towards front end, and developing like more biased towards back end.

Ultimately you need both designing and developing skills, so you shud rather choose what to take 1st, if you were to ask for my suggestion I wud say designing


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