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Share what you learned in Algorithms, Part I

  • 24 May 2019
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Share what you learned in Algorithms, Part I
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The course of the week is Algorithms, Part I offered by Princeton.

@Claire and I are hoping that together we can help people find great courses through the community. Every week, we're featuring a course and inviting people to share their course highlights and how they're using what they learned.

Below are some questions for inspiration. Feel free to answer any or all of them – or share something else.

Have you taken Algorithms, Part I?

What did you like about it?

What were the key skills and knowledge you gained from the course?

What have you done with what you learned?

Who would benefit from taking this course?

Are you interested in answering questions about the course from people who may want to enroll?

6 replies

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Hi Laura in moment my mom are cancer and need of me every time. She will go one surgery. Am nervous him have 76 years. My mint no be cool for study in this moment.
Cristiano Santos
Have you taken Algorithms, Part I?

What did you like about it?
I liked the topics which were covered - from most basic topics like sorting to advanced topics like priority queues and BSTs. Also, I liked the assignments as they were designed to be challenging.

What were the key skills and knowledge you gained from the course?
I learnt a lot about Java programming language - some standard classes like Comparator, Comparable, Iterable, etc. Also, I learnt some cool algorithms (like Union-find, K-d tree) and understood their applications.

Who would benefit from taking this course?
Anyone would definitely benefit from taking this course because this course is actually about solving problems. Algorithms are used in many different areas so this course can be useful to everyone. Also, this is a must-take course for Computer Science students, so if you are a CS student, do have a look at it. However, this course requires Java programming, so one has to know at least the basics of Java.
Hello, Algorithms Part I was a really good course. I learned how to program with efficiency in mind. In addition, I learned many useful algorithms and data structures in Java that are fully applicable in any other programming language. The theory was explained beautifully with lots of animations that helped me to understand every detail. And the programming assignments, where much of the learning process takes place, were very helpful.

In this course I learned these:
· Java programming
· Basic data structures to be used the rest of programming life
· Basic algorithms
· Efficiency driven programming style
· Structured programming and data abstraction
· ...
Just to mention a few.

I appreciate the huge effort made by the teachers to make this course possible. In the theoretical section as well as in the practical section (programming assignments and grader scripts).

Since I took this course the way I see programs in a different way. I learned an algorithm and a program should be efficient in terms of CPU time and memory usage to be correct. My vision in software correctness is what experienced a biggest change.

This course is great for anyone who wants to learn to choose and to make wise selection of algorithms and data structures.

Bear in mind you will have to get some proficiency in Java to succeed in the programming assignments, but this can be achieved during the course with only a little extra effort in the fist weeks.

Great course. Highly recommendable.

Mr. Sedgewick and Mr. Wayne, Coursera, thank you very much!
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Thanks for sharing your experience with the course, @kiner_shah and @Curro trigo!

@Conde1972, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm glad you can spend time with your mom.
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Dear Laura:

iam very happy to begin my courses withe toolbox ifind it excited and big progress ifound

Best wish
Hi. I have not taken this course or the specialization but did courses from the other specialization from UC San Diego and Higher School of Economics.
I have loved the way they taught, though I am more of math guy. The way they take up a question and explaining why a method or an object has to be newly found to solve the problem, and those little intuitions in between, everything was just simple as possible and amazing at the same time.