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Question about programming

  • 20 December 2019
  • 6 replies

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What’s the fastest method of learning programming?

6 replies

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there is no short cut to become proficient in a computer language. If your question is “Can I learn programming on my own?” then the answer is “YES” However, you will have to take time to read books, to do exercise, to debug your own code. If you learn on your own then read as many books as you can; you must do research on the language in which you are interested. You can go on-line and look for open projects to work on. The main thing I want to stress is that there is no fast method or short-cut to learn programming.

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Dear Blanksonisrael9

    Fastest method for learning  programming  is practice ,practice…….remember the syntax rules for every programming language and apply it in various examples.keep on practicing the programming questions .


Programming. A lot!

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Only the shortcut way is to don’t find out any shortcuts way as if you are a beginner. Whenever you will be advanced in programming then you will find out the shortcut way. But practice and practice is the best way to learn to program.
Another way is that, try to make project by programming, and try to participate in any online test. In google, there is so many practice problem for a programmer. Try to solve them.
Best of luck!  

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The most important piece is writing lots of code.  

Programming is just problem solving, only we offload all the heavy lifting to a magic rock that doesn’t ever get bored.
When you don’t have access to a keyboard, do things that sharpen your problem solving skills.  If you’ve got a sudoku book or a cryptoquiz book handy, do those puzzles.  After solving one, see if you can formalize the procedures you used into an automation-friendly algorithm.  

Nothing can replace writing lots of code though.

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The fastest method for learning programming is done to exercise and apply basic programming syntax, function. But you have the need for creativity. Do more exercise and learn, research your programming language. You can be used free resources and learning platforms to increase your programming skills and knowledge.