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Introduce Yourself Here to the Computer Science Community!

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Welcome to the computer science community!

We’d love to get to know you a bit better. Reply to this post to introduce yourself and take a moment to meet your fellow community members.

Maybe you’d like to share ...

  • Where you're from/where you live
  • Why you’re interested in computer science
  • What courses you’re taking or have taken
  • Which topics/projects you’re especially interested in
  • What you can help someone with / what you’re looking for help with

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hello guys.iam vs.swetha it very good  to join the community.i studying BE.CSE 3 year.i want to know and learn about the new technology and to gain more ideas  and iam looking for the AI or ML places to know very depth in that technology.i thinks this community helps me a lot to gather so many things that i want know.

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Thank you for having me!

I'm Pooveannan from Tamil Nadu, staying in Bangalore. I'm interested in problem solving and learning new stuff. I would like to learn more on Graphic designing, User Interface designing, App development. I am a Mechanical engineering student wanting to increase my knowledge on computer science as well.

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Hi, I started with Coursera to learn Mandarin Chinese, nevertheless I could not get rid of my inferiority complex as I was very into Informatics till early age but afterwards as I was destroyed by school like a space vessel I fell on a fortune planet and recovered slowly-- I knew I had to catch up a some with Programming languages. alas, I discovered a much greater world of (Internet of) Things so it also got some time to have a wider image on the Subject.

I’m not a person of focusing on one thing. Also difficoult to understand I’m such a person. 

You know Programmers are (said) they are required to learn a new subject as they have to program with those specific field laws and formulas (you may have to work with Financial or Geology regardless) so I made myself this idea, also thanks to other courses which are making my mind clear, that it’s no crime to be “generalists”, as actually I WANT to have overviews.

Nevertheless no excuse, Maths is a must, so I gathered patience and curiosity I am going through the same old things again in order to use a programming language with consciousness. As an artist I live through TOOLS so these hardware, any hardware, is always fascinating to me. Thanks and good luck everybody. Never surrender to ignorance.      

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Hi guys, I'm Oghenero Ologe. I'm from Nigeria and I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I have taken Android App development by Vanderbilt university and introduction to web design and development by the university of Michigan. I'm interested in Android development, web design and development. I'm looking for help with more courses on Android development. I'm really happy to be on this forum, thanks so much

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Hello, I’m Ivan, analyst from Russia. Interested in ML and fantastic DL :heart_eyes:

Have a some experience with Python, R, SQL, WM, C++ and want to get more :smirk:

print("Hello, Computer Science Community!")


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Thanks for having me

I'm Arinze from Enugu, Nigeria currently residing in Lagos I'm interested in problem solving and learning new stuff. I would like to learn more on python and data science . I am a computer science student wanting to increase my knowledge on computer science as well. I know this community would help me alot to learn so many things. 

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Hey there,

I am Saidul. I am from Bangladesh. I am a student of Computer Science. From my childhood I like breaking and building staff. I love both software and hardware. Since my childhood I am curious about how the Information Technology works. From that part I am interested in computer science. I have taken Python courses in coursera. Currently I am doing Machine Learning course by Andrew ng. I am interested in Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Actually I am a good self learner and also a quick learner. I am looking for help from professional developers. If I get stuck in some point then I hope that I will find some solution from this platform.  

Hi, I am Lakshay Agarwal. I am from India.

Basically I am going through the web development course..

I am interested in front end and back end development.


Hi there,I am from India and I am very much interested in learning Data Science,I have enrolled a  course in udemy for data science A to Z with python. I want to dive into the  data science arena and don’t come out:wink: .

I have some experience with python, java,c and Kali Linux(basics)

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I’ve been a professional computer programmer for almost 40 years, and got laid off last summer.  Unfortunately, the language that I’ve used for most of that time, MUMPS (/CACHE), isn’t in high demand (at least in my area), nor the other languages I know, and I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get a job for the past year. So I’m trying to learn C++ to make myself more marketable.


Hi, everyone!

My name is Guilherme and I’m from Brazil. As a graduated in Computer Science, I love this area.

Right now I’m interested in Python, Go and Javascript programming languages, and Linux Administration, because I really love Linux and Open Source Software.


I can help the community in many ways because if I do not know about some topic, I read and learn! :-D


Currently, my dream job is in SUSE, I think that it will be amazing to work with Linux in such a great company!

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Hi everyone, Thanks for having me.

I’m Souhail from Morocco. I have taken 2 courses till now:

1- Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

2- Python Data Structures

and I would like to learn more on “Using Python to Access Web Data”.



Hello everyone

I am Anushka Sharma, a student from India.

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Hey! I’m Sherly, I’m from the east coast of US.

My major is computer science and I have been really interested in software development recently. I also like project management.

I’m taking SDLC, Python, and Project Management. I’m planning to take machine learning soon.

I’m now interested in SDLC and Project Management.

I could help someone with Python or Java code. 



Hi every one , i am Faisal riaz student of MS computer science..i am pleased to join the community..intrested in semantic web. Artificial intiligence...keen to learn phython


I am sam ,My major is cyber security and Information  security ,I am please to join in professional community  


I am from Texas.

I decided my passion is in programming and how I’d like to use it as a medium to problem solve.

This is my first course and I plan to take more in order to apply to an online master program.

Right not I’m just interested in learning the basics and to keep growing from there.

Any career advice would be appreciated. I majored in biology and have a certificate in business foundations and Health IT and informatics. Not sure if that’s any help here, but feel free to ask questions.



Hai, I'm from India and currently doing B.Tech in EC.I have some knowledge in java and python and is interested in learning about AI,ML ,IOT as well as web and app development.


Hello ma’am, I am Sujay and I am pursuing my B.Tech 1st year CSE. I am glad to be a member of this community. I am interested in knowing about technological inventions through AI.


My name is Abiodun. I am from Nigeria and I live in Ibadan.

My love for gadgets aroused my computer science interest.

I will like to learn something about Programming which I’ve started working on C#. Database, I think I will prefer Oracle for that. Also, I love Networking which I’m planning to take a course in Cisco. Then the last and not the least, Web design. Concerning this, I will appreciate anyone to share a topic with me.

In as much as I’m ready to share any knowledge, I have with anyone here so I expect the same thing.

Thank you.

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Hello. I am Henk Westerink from the Netherlands. I am a retired computer specialists and worked with computers during my whole carreer. I started in 1974 with my first Fortran courses at the University of Leiden and ended some months ago as a computerclass teacher, software process improvement consultant and SCAMPI Lead Appraiser. I have taken numerous courses on Coursera just to keep informed about new development. I took courses in R, Python, Data Science, Web Development and Security. At the moment I am busy with the courses “Population Health: Predictive Analytics” and “Introduction to C# Programming and Unity". Above that I am a mentor in the course "R Programming".

I am interested in sharing knowledge and experiences with all of you.


I’m Israel Ilanie, i’m from DR Congo , i live in turkey .

i’m a student in computer science .

I’m also an intermediate programmer in c++ , and i decided to increase my knowledge in that domain , and i’m happy to be here.


Hi everyone ^_^, I’m Nnadozie, a full stack node, react, and Java developer who’s from Nigeria and working towards making the UK his home.

I love building nourishing relationships; work, personal, e.t.c with fascinating new people,  and am always happy to connect on LinkedIn: or Twitter:

At the moment I’d really love to connect with people in a high learning growth phase for positive vibes.


Hi there! I’m Vittorio, I live in Milan, Italy, even if I’m from the far south.

I’m here because I’d like to come back coding, after some years of other interests and other works. I’m enrolled in a specialization including Python language, that I would like to improve with other ones. I would love to go back at my previous abilities and strateging as they were years ago. Python was just born, and I was interested in LAMP ambients that now are not so common.

I hope to be able to help and, why not, above all, be helped!

See you there!



Thank you for having me!

I'm Rimon from Rangpur,Bangladesh. Staying in Jahangirnagar University. I'm interested in problem solving and learning Python. I would like to learn more on Graphic designing, App development. I am a Environmental Science student wanting to enrich my knowledge on computer science as well.