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How to reply to replies?

  • 12 November 2019
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I replied to invitation to introduce myself. Someone commented on my posting. Got an email notification that someone responded.  This got me very excited… I clicked on “View the comment here” and directed me to this page:

I could not find the comment to my introduction.   So how can I find the comment to my introduction? Read the other comments and hope to find what I’m looking for?


1 reply

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Hi @ITRecruiter. It doesn’t look like you were mentioned in that thread. Your settings are probably set so that you get notified by email when there’s a response on a topic you’ve commented on. You can easily change your settings so this doesn’t happen. You can read about changing your settings here

If someone specifically mentions you by tagging you (for example, like I did at the start of this post), then that’s a different email notification, which you can also change if you wish.