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Google Cloud lab not accepted because OS image name changes

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I do the Essential Cloud Infrastructure: Foundation. Lab 1 Creating Virtual Machines asks me to create a VM based on "Windows Server 2016". However, there is no such OS image / boot disk. If I choose the closest image, which is "Windows Server 2016 Datacenter", I get a failed.

How do I inform Coursera and have them fix this? I gave it as comment in the lab, but no reply so far.

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Now did "Lab 2 Working with Virtual Machines". After a while, the top right showed again "Start lab" even though I was in the middle of it. So I clicked it again. The points weren't updated anymore. At the end clicked on "Run step" for all steps that didn't show all points and got 30/30 shown. Then ended the lab.

Back on the main page, it shows that I failed this lab because I completed only 33%.

Basic idea of labs is great, but the implementation seems very shaky, meaning unusable.
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Previously did "Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure". There noticed that the Compute Engine lab didn't work and that there has been a pull request open for almost 2 months to fix it, but that the committers didn't bother merging it.

Again, great idea, sloppy implementation.
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Hi @Martin. I'm sorry you're having these issues. Please visit the Help Center. You can report these issues via live chat or email. If you don't see these options immediately and you're logged in, try searching for articles related to the issue. Keep clicking through the articles until you have an option to email an agent.


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