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For Internship!

  • 7 September 2019
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Can somebody please tell me,How can I get Internship in the field of Computer science or where should I apply for it??

6 replies

Hi Bro!
See Computer Science is a vast field, and you gotta decide that in what niche you want to direct your career and so is in case for internship also. Do internship only in that niche in which you want to grow up your career. So, search for related companies, go on to their websites, look for if they are providing internships and be updated on your linkedin profile as well. Enable "open to internships" option on your linked profile.
Morover, there are various websites like "twenty19" and "internshala" which provides great opportunities for internships".
One more tip I would like to add is that always go for paid internships. Because unpaid ones are no more than trainings and bootcamps, and I believe that if you're looking for an internship then you already have those skills.
Hope it helps!
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Thanks a lot bro,I'm pursuing a course from Coursera specialization in deep-learning so it'd be great if I get an internship in the field of deep-learning ,if am I not wrong then ?
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Hi Himanshu Kardam,

I would like to say that Rajattomar's post is some good advice. Internships that pay can be a good way to get your foot in the door with a company, learn more about the career, and of coarse experience.
Stick to the self learning keep applying to those intern AND entry level positions in your chosen field.
When it comes to which jobs to apply for, look for the positions you are interested in and apply for them all. You may be asking "well I am not qualified for most of the positions", I would say otherwise. The trick to job hunting is to learn how to read the job postings. Case in point, when reading a job post ignore the years experience or education. Most jobs are willing to overlook those with the right candidate or in the right situation.
The job description can be a great resource for how the day to day will be so pay attention to that. Now to the skill section, again ignore any years required or preferred and just focus on the skill itself. make note or just keep in mind the skills they are looking for, over time you will see there are many skills wanted by companies you are interested in so an option could be to focus on those and after landing a job or two start focusing on those niche skill sets.
I would say your most powerful skill set you can master first (assuming it can be mastered) is soft skills, doubly so in the Computer Science field. You can be smart and know your stuff, but if you cant handle even the basics of how to communicate properly with your peers, that less skilled candidate with even the basic level of soft skills will get the job before you every time. I speak from experience on this so focus on this part.
Now onto the getting a job part, start building connections (this will help build those soft skills as well), join social media sites like Join the conversations, get involved. Look for local meet and greets or gatherings. Start talking to people. These are great ways to learn and meet people who will likely lead you to a future opportunity. A trick I use to start getting job offers is find job recruiters on LinkedIn and make connections with them as well. They like people who are active and looking and will likely be able to assist you in your endeavors.
Don't stop learning, seriously don't. Always be working on a new skill or improving one you have already. Spend at least an hour a day learning. The future you will thank you.
I hope all this helps and feel free to reach out to me if you need any help. Good Luck Friend.
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Thank you Mr.
Okay,as you said I should focus on my soft skills now I'll focus on it.
Can I know your linkedin I'd if you're up there??
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Sure be here it is, add me as a contact.
Internshala has many interesting internships, go for it.