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  • 10 January 2020
  • 8 replies

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Hey guys,Am Stephanie from Nigeria ...... Well and a physically challenged begginer of Computer science but am having troubles understanding computer science... Please it would be better if someone could at least give me their WhatsApp number so that we can stay in touch and also put me through

8 replies

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Welcome stephanie, 

Which courses are you taking in CS? 

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Please could you help me.... please am really finding it hard and also is there a whatsapp platform for computer science

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I am a begginer too, i dunno if there is any am sorry. 

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No Problem,But still send me your WhatsApp digits so we can still chat

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Hi all,

I am beginner too and started 7 months back, and please let me know what are your areas of interest, so that if they are related to what i have learned, then i can help you and guide you how to begin with and go on.

Thank you

Happy Learning.

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