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Chrome extension not recognizing the state of the admin console

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Working on the G suite administration course.

The uses section is having problem recognizing where I am in the process.
In rename uses, and suspend users.

The system prompts me to click on the uses icon. Then it cannot go any further. I get red text with an "!" Triangle telling me "Please wait for the Admin console dashboard to finish loading, and then press play to continue the lesson"

Cannot get past this point it seems to not recognize that I am looking at the uses list and it is waiting.

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Hi @FormanJackJ. Sorry to hear you're having this issue. Did you get it resolved? For course-related questions, you'll probably get a quicker response if you post in your course discussion forum (if your course has them).
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if it does have a community for the course I have not found it.
I also did not find a way to contact tech support for any courses.
Guess I just wanted someone to know of the problem.
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Hi @FormanJackJ. This screenshot shows how to find course discussion forums for your course (I've checked and your course should have discussion forums):

If you don't find help here, you can visit the Help Center and get in touch with a support agent: Report a problem with a course. Click on the "Contact us" button and follow the prompts to send an email to the support team.


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