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Can you take computer science courses on mobile?

  • 26 January 2019
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I know Coursera's mobile apps are great for taking courses on the go for most subjects but I think there's some debate over whether it's possible to complete more technical courses, especially programming assignments, on a mobile device. What do you think? Have you tried it yourself?

5 replies

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Hi, Clarie am teacher of maths. my opinion about this, yes me maked course wiht celular e tablet.
Was easy.
But the instituicon need aprove this one method.
my opinion

Cristiano Marques
You can watch the course videos and read the resources on your smartphone. However, that's not enough when you take a computer science courses. Most of the courses will require practice. Since you can't code using your smartphone, you may have difficulty there.

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Pavithra Ramesh
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we are in the 21st century and put a course above others because of practical exercises related to the course in question, is to have a narrow mentality. The part of the course that is theoretical, can be done in smartphone or tablet, PRATICA part in the specific site for this and without the use of cell phone and tablet. This in itself already demonstrates a breakdown of paradigms that need to be replaced or improved. It was in this context that I supported the student in question. Never before can a course of the span of computer scienc be completely made and based on the use of a cell phone, but certain parts of it can. Just funilize which parts can be used via mobile and which can not. This is called EVOLUTION. And it seems that this institution is not yet prepared.
It is through such debates that the educational future will be secured as a means of making thinking minds rather than repetitive minds. What reality will my son of 06 years of age find in this academic future?
I hope the best not only for him but for the human being who wishes to think and debate other paradigms that will find in this distant future.
For me there is more to talk but to think, how to make my son a citizen that will make a difference in his future time
Just trying to complete an assignment and hitting submit on the phone. 😫
Yes. There are plenty of online courses that are also compatible with mobile devices. It is highly advisable to do brief research before signing up to such courses on mobile just to ensure your comfort zone.

Yogesh Kumar