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Can I combine brand management with Computer Science?

  • 17 April 2019
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I'm currently a brand manager of la reine spa & wellness which I love the post and I so much want to study Computer Science in university so I need some assistance if I could combine the two.

I really love my current post cause it opens me to learning a lot and make me to think beyond imagination to create a solution to existing problems.
When I was in high school I wanted to study computer science which is still my dream course amidst venturing in to the act of Makeup Artistry, don't wonder how it just part of experience.

I would love if I could get a personal counselor so I could really know my career goals and which to chose. Thank you

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1 reply

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Cheers @Dezeal,

It's nice to know that you are brand management, maybe in some future you wil have you own brand.
Respect to combine with computer science, absolutely, of course you can and more!, in my case im Public Accountant and i actually focus on the CS area specifically in machine/deep learning, i can told you that its awesome, sometimes due my time i go slow or have to stop to retake again, but there exist a lot of time to achieve anything that you want.

First of all as you love the post and i feel your motivation i invite you to event about the culture connection, will be nice to share yor experiences and thoughts, remembering that its a anniversary month to the platform, so we can be grateful for the oportunities and the great environment that have, citing @Laura this event is in the next week: Cultural Connection Week. It can be interesting.

Now in order to your goals, you have to focus in what Computer Science line do you want, because is a diverse field, trying to you understand i highlight some disciplines that i previously read as:

Networks And Administration
Computer Architecture Networks
Digital Image/ Sound
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Game Development
Computer Graphics
Simulation And Modeling
iOS Development
Mobile Development

They are many more and all are avaliables to any course offer inside the platform, just have to write in search and appear many options.

It should be noted that their intensity, dedication and difficulty make you committed, or dedicate time, attention and good attitude to learn. In the same way that they are carried out by high quality universities and with a good learning scheme so you can advance as you acquire new knowledge, also every course have forums that you cordialy can participate or ask any question in that field.

You can fullfil your dreams and keep think imaginative creative solutions.

Best regards,