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Artificial intelligence and the gender gap – what can be done?

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"A report from the World Economic Forum has found there is a significant gender gap in artificial intelligence, and global gender parity will take 108 years to achieve."

Read the full Computer Weekly article here: Less than a quarter of AI professionals are women

And here's the WEF report cited in the article: Global Gender Gap Report 2018, specifically this section: Assessing Gender Gaps in Artificial Intelligence. Here are some excerpts:

"Over the past four years, the rate at which women and men have acquired AI skills has progressed in tandem ... While skills expansion across both genders ebbs and flows in the same rhythm, the absolute number of women who indicate they have AI skills on LinkedIn is much lower..."

"The patterns identified in this analysis reiterate a common concern: fewer women are currently engaged in the creation of Artificial Intelligence and other innovative technologies. The diversity—including gender diversity—of views among innovators is vital to ensuring the economic opportunities created by AI do not increase existing gender inequalities, and that new AI systems serve the needs of society at large. It is of critical importance to reverse these trajectories at this early stage of professional expansion for innovative sectors and ensure that Artificial Intelligence is a field that is inclusive by design. Additionally, low integration of women into the AI talent pool, even in industries and geographies where the base of IT talent has a relatively high composition of women, reduces the diversity dividend among applications of these skills and indicates a significant missed opportunity in a professional domain where there is already insufficient supply of adequately qualified labour."

An interesting question posed by Sue Duke in this companion piece is: Will AI make the gender gap in the workplace harder to close?

As a woman, I find the global gender gap – in AI and in other fields – incredibly disheartening.

What do you think? Will AI make the gender gap in the workplace harder to close? What can be done?

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