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Your grade has been overridden.

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I have completed all the graded assignments, except for the peer review assignment. I have submitted the assignment and have received passing grades but the grade does not seem to get updated it shows that your grade has been overridden.  I have tried to login/out but the problem does not seem to get resolved. 

 Thank You.

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@Clerance if your grade has been overridden that could mean one of your assignments have been reported. You must check this at the Help  Center. Log in there, look for an article about this issue, then look for the “contact us” button. You will be able to reach someone there who will resolve this for ypi.

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Hey Judith thanks for your reply. I tried contacting the help centre but they did not reply. I resubmitted my assignment and yet I'm getting the same dialogue.

It means that someone from the course teaching staff adjusted the grade.

@Laura When a teaching staff member adjusts a grade, does Coursera’s Help Center intervene and change a grading decision that was made by a member of a university course’s teaching staff?

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I am also facing the same issue. Any help on this? Please.

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Moocer I don't think the instructor has anything to do with it . I got a grade of 100% when I check it on my mobile device but when I check it on my PC its shows you did not pass.

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@Judith I have submitted my assignment two months ago (March 8th), it was peer reviewed and as of yesterday, all the course content had a green tick mark next to it (Including the Peer Graded Assignment). The only thing that needed resolution was that the Grade was showing 0% next my peer graded assignment even though it was marked in green. 


I’ve contacted the help center yesterday since I have also been paying for the course for the past two months and was waiting for the certificate. Today morning, when I open the course, I found that the “Peer graded assignment” was flagged in red and said that my grade has been overridden. I am in touch with the help center regarding this. 

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Hey mallika! 

Can you help me out with this ? I tried contacting the help centre but I didn't get any updates.

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The issues shared here may have the same cause or they may actually be different, so the best thing to do is reach out to the support team through the Help Center. They are responding to an large number of requests due to the sudden influx of learners, so there may be a delay, but they will respond to you as soon as they can.

Grades can be overridden by course instructors or teaching staff.

@moocer Our support team does not override grades assigned by instructors or teaching team members.

@mallika , @Clerance  your issues need the Help Center.

Please check this link which will help you. Right now, there is a huge backlog of people needing help. It might take us long as three or four days to get your answer.

@moocer Our support team does not override grades assigned by instructors or teaching team members.


That’s good to hear. That also means that people probably shouldn’t be directed to the Help Center if their grades are overridden, because the Help Center can’t do anything about it.

@moocer but the Help Center might let you know why your grade was overriden. If you are accused of plagiarism, and it’s true, you would need to redo your assignment, or you may not be able to continue the course anymore. That would be a decision made as a result of your past behavior. For example, if you have done this several times, then you will not be able to take the course again. Sometimes, it is a mistake. You really need to know why your grade was over written to know how to proceed.

Those are things that should be addressed to the teaching staff who overrode the grades. If they are overriding grades, then they are active in their courses and grading questions should be addressed to them. Different staff have different policies.

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Hey I can’t get the option for a Live chat. I sent an email but couldnt get a reply. 



Hi! im facing the same issue for fundamentals of GIS by UC Davis 

will appreciate if you can help to update on this situation. Im currently on 7 days trial and unable to resubmit my work. 


@moocer @mallika @ONGAH @Clerance 

i am facing the same issue with the “UC Davis - Fundamentals of GIS” course. 

i wish to ask if any one of you got any solution?

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You can go to the course instructor profile, you will get a link to contact the instructor. Send your query to the instructor to change your grade. 


@Clerance did that work for you? are you able to complete the course now?

how long did it take? also i do not see a direct way of contacting the instructor:sweat: