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When I go on fullscreen mode when I watch a video, I can't hide the playbar

  • 4 June 2019
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Hi everyone,

When I watch a course video, if I play it in fullscreen mode, I can't hide the playbar, which is very annoying. Especially for the subtitles. Here is a screenshot :

I use Chrome on Mac OS X.

Thanks for your help!


8 replies

Hi @nicodesh,

Thanks for mentioning this! I'm experiencing the same thing when using Chrome on my mobile device. It works well on my desktop computer, though. Yes, it's annoying! 🙁
I don’t know how (or if) we can hide the play bar. Or maybe the missing auto-hide feature is something that should be fixed by the engineering team? It might be a good idea to report it to the Help Center. This way they can inform the engineering team of this issue: Solve problems with videos

Best wishes.
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Yes, please report this issue via the Help Center, @nicodesh and @Maryam!
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Thanks for your answers guys, I just sent a message to the Help Center!
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Thank you, @nicodesh! It seems to be a known bug and your report of the issue will help get it resolved. This is also happening to me when I watch the video lectures in full-screen so I understand how frustrating it is.
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Looks like it still hasn't fixed.
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Hi @chankeypathak. Our team is working on fixing it as I write this. I hope it will be resolved soon.
Hello friends.

When I´m on fullscreen mode and pause the video, this is I see. I need exit fullscreen to see the video rightly again.

I use Microsoft Edge.

Best regards.
An update on this issue 📢

The bar is working properly, hiding with agility.

Thanks for fixing it!