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unable to submit assignment on coursera

  • 23 May 2020
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Hlo sir/mam, 
My name is 'Vicky Singh', i had enrolled and completed the Week-3 course of "Python Data-Analysis". I had also successfully submitted the assignment of past Week-3. But now i am unable to submit the last Week-4 assignment. 
Facing the error is : "No such file or directory: Batting_2016.csv" on OwlTest Page of Coursera. I had tried by with or without giving path here of csv file. The error is still the same everytime. 
And i am successfully running the same code on my testing software is Pycharm. 
But unable to submit on given testing: OwlTest Page of Coursera.

1 reply

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Please post on the course discussion forums and find out if other learners are facing the same problem. If yes, how did they manage to submit the assignment.

If none of them were able to submit, post on the forums so that course staff will come to know about it and take action. 

You can also go for support from technical team.

You can  get help from the Coursera support team by logging into the Help Center.  Click on "Contact Us"  link available on the Troubleshooting articles page and then you will see a link to email Coursera. This will take you to a form that you can complete about your issue.

Kindly be patient for Coursera support team to resolve your issue as they are heavily loaded with lots of tickets due to increased enrollment of learners in the COVID scenario. They may take some time.