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Unable to set to complete a Course already finished

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I completed a few weeks ago the course "Learning how to learn:..." However it has not been set to comleted and when I Access the course I have a message saying: "You completed everything, but some assignments are not graded yet. Reset your deadlines so they can be graded! "

Every assignment has been graded weeks ago but I have tried clicking on Reset my deadlines but nothing happens. Can someone help me with this problema

Thanks a lot

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Hi @Cesar
To make sure you have not missed any required quizzes, please click Grades (on the left menu) and check your grades again. If you have a passing grade for every item, you can ignore this banner. Please note that the Honors Assignments are optional, so you don't have to complete them if you don't want to. In addition, if the course is already on your "Completed" (or Accomplishments) page, then it can confirm that you've really completed the required items.

However, if you are still unsure about it and need more assistance, you can consult a support agent, too. Best wishes.
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Hi @Maryam,

Thanks a lot for your comments. I have checked and it is now in my completed courses. It was not a few days ago and I have not rechecked before sending the post
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Thanks so much for your answer, @Maryam. And congrats on completing Learning How to Learn, @Cesar – I just completed it, too!


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