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Unable to join coursera for campus using the link even though mail id is confirmed

  • 16 September 2020
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My university provided a link to join coursera for campus. However when i click through, i get a pop up window saying ‘Looks like you haven’t joined ‘campus name’ on coursera.’

I thought perhaps it’s an issue with a possible typo on my mail id, but i contacted administration at my university and confirmed it is accurate.

Don’t know what to do now? 

3 replies

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Hello @z4yed , 

What email I'd did you use? 

Whether you used domain @gmail.com or your university domain address? 

Check with your administrator to confirm which domain adress is whitelisted by him. If you are still unable to join directly through it. You will have to ask your administrator to send you a personal invitation on your mail id. 


Hi I’m having the same problem. I purchased a class and now it doesn’t show up. I’ve gone through the troubleshooting page and it didn’t fix the problem. 

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@Biggles , can you confirm if you are admitted in the learning program? 

If yes, then, go through the following pics to check for three dots at left hand side on the top and click there to see the learning programs you are into. Once you click the learning program, it will display all your courses. Alternatively, you can also get the learning program url from your administrator and click on the link to see all the courses available. If you are still unable to find any courses there. Simply, check with your administrator if your license link has expired and if he can find your name in the learning program or not. If not, then, you can ask the administrator to invite you again

Hope it Helps!