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Switch into an earlier session

  • 16 June 2019
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I'm currently enrolled in the Capstone session of the Data Science Specialization (JHU). I'm finished all the work, but I accidentally joined a session that wraps in August 2019. I want to join the one that finishes in July 2019 (May 18-July 8th), but it won't let me! It just hangs when I attempt to join that session. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


I actually sorted this issue out by contacting customer support using the chat feature. (Which took me a few minutes to find.) Manny took care of it very quickly.

5 replies

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Thanks, @crustybread (hehe), for letting us know that you were able to get it resolved!
Hi there, I am enrolled in Machine Learning (by Professor Andrew Ng from Standford University) and am facing a similar problem. I accidentally enrolled for an upcoming session and I am not able to get in contact with Customer Support to switch back to the previous session. All I'm getting is these help articles. Any chance somebody could point out how I can get in contact with them?
click on it do live chat it will help you
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From my experience i know it is possible the support can roll you in the next coming deadline, but not in a past. The only solution is you must have to contact the support and ask.
I never managed to get in contact with customer support and unfortunately I don't remember how I resolved the issue 😅But thank you all for the replies