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Hi everyone,

I am enrolled to Python Basics course. Since I keep travelling due to my work, I could not manage to finish my course on time. As a result of which I have been charged the course duration twice. It would be really helpful if someone told me any way the subscription charge can be refunded.

I work as a field service engineer and my work is really demanding. I have been trying to shift my vertical and for the very same I chose to learn python.

I am financially weak and it would be really difficult for me if the subscription charges are not refunded. Please suggest some solutions.

Thanks & Regards
Mrinal Banerji

(Edited by @Laura to remove phone number)

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Hi @Mrinal Banerji,

Sorry to hear that. This Help Article covers Coursera's refund policies.
On the "Subscription" section, it states that:

Because all subscriptions begin with free trials, you can't get a refund for a payment made on a subscription after the free trial ends.
If you don't want to pay for a subscription anymore, you can cancel the subscription. There are no partial refunds for subscriptions, so you'll need to cancel before your next payment date.

However, I recommend contacting a support agent to see if they can do something about it. To do this, please click "Contact Us", answer a few questions until you get a link for sending a message to the support team. This thread illustrates the steps well: How to get technical help with Coursera

Hope this helps.


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