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Rescue learners without strong background in China

  • 7 January 2019
  • 3 replies

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I am living in China. And it seems that I can not finish my all courses on coursera. The government blocks everything. I can not watch videos and connect to servers abroad. People from all over the world, do you have any suggestion that can solve this problem? I hate this government. I hate CCP. Shit them! They keep us away from knowledge. They make us stupid. Please rescue the learners without strong background and longing for knowledge in China. Help!

3 replies

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Dear Sitao:
iam pleased to read you and thanks for your sent message to coursera because coursera is the best web for learning courses in the world and many people was earned big certificates withe great mention from best university in the world this is an opportinity to take very importante for All student in the world withe option coursera learn too chiness language ect idon't understand why your gov bloc you because this is international convention throught the world

Best Regards
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Hi @Sitao Hua. I'm sorry about this. I can imagine how frustrating it is for you. Have you read this article in the Coursera Help Center? Course loading problems in China and Russia

This one may help, too, but it's more general: Solve problems with Coursera
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OK. I just read that article you mentioned. But that doesn't help. Thank you all the same!


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