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Recommendation for a creative writing course

  • 10 September 2019
  • 2 replies

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I am a physician/surgeon. I am looking to improve my writing abilities, especially creative writing. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a course I can take? I signed up for “English for career development” and realized right away that it’s too basic and is not what I am interested in! I don’t know how to drop it!!!

2 replies

Hi @Madhavi Wesleyan University on Coursera offers a specialization in creative writing, four courses and a capstone. I have done the first three for certificate and found them quite good, although I never completed the forth or the capstone class. The first class in the sequence is called The Craft of Plot, if you wish to look it up. To unenroll from a class go to your Coursera landing page and click the three sots in the upper right of the course block and it should give you a dropdown menu that will have the unenroll option on it.
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Thank you, Halla, for the recommendation and for the info on how to drop my current course!
I’ll check the Craft of Plot out!