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Read this before posting a technical support inquiry

  • 9 May 2020
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Read this before posting a technical support inquiry
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Coursera support specialists are not active in this community. They will not be able to help you here.

This is a space to connect with other people using Coursera to learn. I’m a community manager, and unfortunately I can’t fix Coursera technical issues. Most support questions can be answered by Help Center articles or existing community posts. Some will need to be handled by our support specialists via the Help Center

If you’ve submitted a ticket in the Help Center, our support team will get back to you as soon as possible. Please don’t submit new tickets about the same issue, as this will create a delay. If your issue isn’t resolved after getting help from a support agent, simply reply to the last email you received from the support agent to explain this.

If you see another post that sounds like your issue, (e.g., “the wrong ID is on my certificate”) it won’t help you to publish a new post or a reply.

Some fantastic community members are trying their best to guide people to the correct channel, the Help Center. Keep in mind that these are your fellow Coursera learners; they can’t solve technical support issues.

Note: Posting multiple times to report the same issue is considered spam and these posts may be removed.

Here are some common issues and what steps you should take to resolve them:


1. Certificate is showing the wrong name after verification

If your certificate preview is showing letters instead of your name, please try opening the certificate itself. If your name still does not show, you will need to contact the support team.




1. I believe I was charged in error

Review how payments work for courses and Specializations. If your situation is not covered in the Help Center, you can contact the support team from that article.


2. I didn’t cancel my free trial

Read about Coursera’s refund policies. If your situation is not covered, you can contact the support team from that article.


3. I need help with financial aid

Review how to apply and what to expect after you apply for financial aid or a scholarship. If you’re having problems with your financial aid or financial aid application, read this article. If your situation is not covered, you can contact the support team from that article.


Deadlines & Locked Assignments


1. I accidentally reset my deadlines

If you mistakenly reset your deadlines and you no longer have access to course content or assignments, you will need to contact the support team.


2. My assignments are locked

Sometimes you have to complete an earlier assignment before items like quizzes can be unlocked. Items are also locked if you are auditing the course (taking it for free, without getting a certificate). If your deadlines have passed, you’ll need to reset your deadlines. Read more about locked assignments. If your situation is not covered, you may be in an incorrect ‘session.’ You can contact the support team from that article.


3.  I can’t complete my assignment by the deadline

Most courses have personalized (flexible) deadlines. If you miss 2 deadlines in a row or miss a deadline by 2 weeks, you'll see an option that says Reset my deadlines. Even if you don't see that option yet, you can still submit work. There’s no penalty for a late assignment. When you reset your deadlines, all your completed course work will be automatically transferred. 


ID Verification


1. Unable to verify my ID

If you’re having trouble with ID verification, even after multiple attempts, please review these recommendations. If your issue is not covered, you can contact the support team from that article.


Assignments, Quizzes, Peer Reviews


1. I need peer reviews

Only people who are in the same course at the same time as you can give you a peer review. Posting a link to your assignment here in the Community will not help you get peer reviews, and these posts may be deleted. Resubmitting your assignment will not help you get peer reviews; in fact, this will delay getting peer reviews. Learn more about peer reviews here.


2. I need help with a quiz

It’s okay to ask for help with a concept you’re learning about in your course. But asking directly for answers to your quiz or other assignment is a violation of the honor code. Posts asking for quiz answers may be deleted.


3. I can’t access or submit quizzes

If you’re auditing a course, you won't be able to access the graded quizzes and assignments (in most cases). For some courses, some of the learning content may not be available, either. If you paid for the course, you should have access to all the course materials from the date the course session starts. Keep in mind that you may still see locked quizzes if you haven’t completed earlier assignments in the course.


4. I’m getting an error when I try to submit my quiz

If you continue to get an error message, check your course discussion forums. Are other learners getting the error, too? If your situation isn’t covered in this article, you can contact the support team from there.



1. I can’t access my Capstone Project

In most Specializations, you have to complete all other courses before your Capstone Project course will start. If you paid in advance for the entire Specialization, your Capstone course fee is included in your Specialization fee. If you're paying by course, you'll need to pay for the Capstone Project when you enroll. Capstone Project courses are not available all the time. The Capstone start date will be listed on the course enrollment page. Learn more about Capstone Projects and cancelling a subscription here.


-- Updated July 9, 2020 --

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