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Qwiklabs launch for Google course

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When I click the "Open Tools", I get this URL https://googlecoursera.qwiklabs.com/users/sign_in?locale=en

I understand that Coursera must give me "username and password provided in the Connection Details console"... but where is the Connection Details console ?

I can't see anything here https://www.coursera.org/learn/gcp-fundamentals/gradedLti/uYNvY/getting-started-with-cloud-marketplace-formerly-cloud-launcher which give me user/password for Qwiklab access

Any idea ?

Thank you very much.


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Hi @Neomadien,

You may need to create an account if it does require you to do so. This Help Article covers this issue.
The Qwiklabs website has a troubleshooting section here:
In addition, you can reach their support team using this address: support@qwiklabs.com

I hope this helps. All the best.
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When you click on the Open Tools you'll be redirected to another tab where the qwiklab is.

You'll have to press the Start Lab button (up on the right side), and maybe you'll have to wait for the green light to turn on on the left side of the Start Lab.

After starting the Lab, the Open Google Console (up on the left) will be "open" and then you will be able to use the unique user name-password-project idwhich are under it.


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