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quizzes locked

  • 13 July 2020
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I've applied for two courses one course is paid already long back and one just started enrolled for 7days trial yesterday but when I go to week 2quiz it says quizzes locked by the instructor. I have enrolled in Corporate Finance II:  financing investments and managing risks but the week two quiz is locked by the instructor it says how do I acces it??

2 replies



my financial aid application for learning fundamental of gis has been approved but my quizzes are locked i have finished watching videos of related week but it is still locked. what can i do now?

@Elaine Souza Xavier the reason the quiz is locked is probably because you are taking the course as a free trial now. When it is paid for, it should be unlocked. If you will be auditing a course, you can access all the materials and participate in discussions, but you will be unable to take quizzes or do assignments.