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professional certificate and ID verification problem

  • 13 January 2021
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i cant verify my ID on coursera as it is in arabic and there is no live chat support, so what can i do ? 

i need to earn my certificate

2 replies



Just found this thread. hopefully it will help 

ID verification problem | Coursera Community




@Nada_1 ,I’m sorry to hear that you can't compete verification process. Kindly try to verify from your phone using any browser, personally i do recommend 'Chrome browser'


Keep in mind that you can only provide one of the applicable options for ID; for example, if your options are “Passport”, “National ID”, and “Driver’s License”, you will not be able to submit any type of ID other than these.


Different countries will have different options, so the options you have will depend on the country that your ID was issued by. Coursera is working to provide more options for many countries in the future, but I’m afraid you can only submit the currently accepted options.


If you still can't verify then you need to get help from support agent.


Please enter the Help Center and log in from the top right corner. Then, look for the option [If you still need help with a technical or accessibility issue, you can email us here] at the bottom of this Link .


There you can find an option for email us here.

I'm sure they'll respond you soon.


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Rizvi Syed