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Problem with accessing acomplishments page - How to contact Coursera?

  • 16 November 2019
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I recently got an E-Mail indicating that my course certificate is ready. I went to the accomplishments page to view it. But the accomplishments do not show up. I only get an almost empty page with a spinning progress indicator.

I tried a variety of things: using different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge), different operating systems, incognito tab in browser (to ensure clean cookies), but nothing helped.

Then I tried to contact Coursera. But I did not find any method for contacting Coursera that works. I researched the stuff on the learner help center. The “contact us” button I found on this page does not seem to work. Sending an email to does only result in a bot-reply.

This is a bit frustrating. I may have overlooked something obvious. But I invested quite a bit of time to research this but found neither a solution to my problem (accessing my accomplishments page on coursera) nor any way to ask Coursera to investigate and fix this problem.

As I paid for this and other specializations, I certainly expect to be able to get the hard earned certificate.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help!


Best answer by Denis Zvonov 21 November 2019, 22:58

Hey, I found the way to contact them! Spent 30 minutes on that crazy support site. God, this is a paid service!?

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17 replies


I’m also experiencing this. Tried multiple browsers, logging out/in clearing cache etc.

Very frustrating, and not easy to report an obvious problem.


I also experienced this.

And i tried this URL

and it worked

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Thank you for providing the alternative URL. Unfortunately, it does not work for me either…

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Same here. It is a paid service and no way to contact! I can not beleive this!

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Hey, I found the way to contact them! Spent 30 minutes on that crazy support site. God, this is a paid service!?

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alternative URL works for me, but it shows certificates in a different format and there are no LinkedIn sharing params provided


I know its very frustrating,

let me explain the way i got it solved,

when i logged in to my account and on my name on the right side almost to the top i clicked and selected accomplishments instead of seeing my accomplishments the page was empty and froze

at this step i manually edited the url that was

and added right after /account  and after the word accomplishments i added a /

and pressed enter.

so make sure that your logged into your account and then try this url,

i hope it will work for you.

@Dabrx @Denis Zvonov @D1001 @iyfzo 

Have you seen the comprehensive article here about the Help Center? Just look around a bit, use the Search feature!

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Thanks everybody. I finally managed to start a chat and got advised that I can download the certificates through the “completed” link. This works for me and solves my problem.

Still, I found it not at all easy to get to this point. Maybe I am stupid, but for me the help center was not very helpful.

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@Lochcarron so you say “comprehensive article about help center”? So using this help center requires a help article, does not it? And to find that comprehensive help article about help center we needed a comprehensive comment of yours about that comprehensive article about that helpful help cener of the site built by Jack… Aren’t we afraid of recursion here? :)

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I reported the bug to support. They promised to escalate to devs. They have something broken in JavaScript. If you press Ctrl-Shift-I in your Chrome browser on the failing page, you will see JavaScript console with the following error:

Dynamic route loading failed TypeError: Cannot read property 'prototype' of undefined
    at _inheritsLoose (inheritsLoose.js:2)
    at 13.283d2187843c7c7a5639.js:1
    at Module.swXO (13.283d2187843c7c7a5639.js:1)
    at __webpack_require__ (accomplishments?s12nPage=2:198)

@Denis Zvonov No, you can get to the live chat yourself, obviously. Lots of people seem to have a problem getting there, though, as it requires many unnecessary steps. @Laura has a guide here for anyone who doesn’t know how to find live chat.

It is a seriously not-user-friendly place, the Help Center. As a mentor for Coursera for six years on many courses, I am well aware it is an ongoing problem 

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Thank you so much for sharing that workaround, @iyfzo

@Denis Zvonov, it might be difficult to find the live chat for a few reasons, though it sounds like you did get through to someone. Thanks for sharing what you learned. Yes, our team is aware of the problem and actively working to fix it. 

I appreciate all of you taking the time to share about your experience here. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. 


i tried to contact them but the chat window doesn’t appear. any help ?



I am very frustrated to the point where I’m going to start flaming Coursera on the net. I took a course recently and completed it with a grade of 85. Not spectacular but enough to get the cert I wanted. I was never sent the Cerification and there is no way in the world to reach Coursera. No email , chat or phone. I did a lot of work and got billed and paid for the course and am very disappointed. Will report the scam and see if that gets Coursera moving. Never taking another course here!



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the same issue there. finished the course, but no way to get certification

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Hello, @enas foaad@Dennis M and @obaz. I’m sorry to hear about your frustration with contacting support.

To contact support, enter the Help Center and log in from the top right corner. Then, look for the option to contact “Contact us” at the bottom of this article.