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Peer Reviewed Feedback - How long are you waiting?

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I signed up for a course, completed all assignments and submitted 10 days before the subscription was up for that month. I then did not receive enough peer feedback and time passed and I'm inactive.
Now it says I need to pay again to wait for feedback to get the certificate. Why am I having to pay to wait for other people? Also I have followed everything coursera has suggested and have posted on the assignment link on the course's forum repeatedly, to no avail. Waiting to get certificates for weeks hoping for feedback is very frustrating and pushes me more to use EdX since if its going to cost as much to wait for feedback I might as well just pay a flat upfront fee

How much is everyone waiting around for their peer assessments?

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Hi @ldonevan. Yes, that sounds very frustrating. Have you tried contacting the support team? You can click the "Contact Us" button at the end of this article. You'll need to provide a little more information about your issue and then have the option to connect with a support agent.
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Hello, I have. He told me just to keep waiting. I have been waiting three weeks now
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Hi @ldonevan. Sorry to hear that. I recommend replying to the email you were sent with that live chat transcript. Tell the support team that you are still waiting and the issue has not been resolved.