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Peer Grade Assignment

  • 23 May 2020
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I submitted my assignment 3 times and I full fil every concept which they discribe for assignmet and every time I update my assignment but they give me 27 marks but for passing i need 28+ marks so please know my mistake

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@Sheth Meet N you need to ask people who are taking your course. Ask to have your assignment graded with specific comments so you know what needs to be improved. Usually, when someone gives a poor grade they tell you why in the comments. Did people comment to you why they gave you this grade? 
How many people graded this? If it is only one, then hopefully others will think it is better and you will pass.

It has usually been my experience that the reason people don’t get good grades is because they don’t respond to the rubric. They answer the assignment the way they want to, not the way asked. When you grade this assignment, there are a list of rubrics or questions that need to be answered. This is how you get your grade. Look at your assignment again now, this time carefully asking yourself if you answered these questions clearly. Use small sentences with a period at the end if you are asked to write something. It needs to be easily read and understood. I hope this helps you correct your mistakes.