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Payment issue and Coursera doesn't give us to way of contact

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I am really annoyed with coursera right now, I used to belive this is the best service to do e-learning, but if this problem is not gonna sorted out, i am done with coursera.
Here is the problem,

I paid for the specialization course through AppStore
i made payment on 5/16 and 6/16, each cost S$66.98.
However, when i access the course it says you need to purchase the course!!

I have tried to figure out the issue with help center, but those articles just give me not essential, useless answers.
Please connect the payment correctly immidately or give me money back ! this can be called as fraud.
My next payment date is 7/16, please sort out this before the date.

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and i tried to use chat bot and submit support request.
But i am just getting error, what is wrong with this customer service??
This product just want to extract money from users.
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and this is what they said, you have to work hard on yourself to get refund

Hello, thanks for reaching out to us, I'd be more than happy to guide you!
i posted the problem here as well
i am trying to reach out you guys for 2 month, i'm so stressed out
Joseph I totally understand your frustration; unfortunately, some of our learners are experiencing issues after subscribing through Apple.

so what your side is gonna do?
i paid, so the problem is connection of itunes and your service
it's not my fault

Since the subscription was processed through Apple, which means that they have the exclusive rights to process every payment through their platform; unfortunately, Coursera cannot interfere in their payment system. It seems that there was an error with Apple sending us the payment, and so we do not have any payments registered for that Specialization. After the "Free Trial period" ended, your access was revoked due to a lack of payment (because we did not receive any from Apple).

In this case, I suggest that you request a refund from Apple and use a computer to subscribe again, since we will have complete control over your payment that way.
I totally understand that this is not your fault, regrettably we don't have access to Apple's payment processor system.
To request a refund, please follow these steps:

- Go to Apple's page:
- Login with your Apple ID user name (typically your email address) and password.
- Select the appropriate tab for in-app purchases.
- Find the purchase you want refunded.
- Select Report a Problem to the right of the purchase.
- Select the reason you want the refund.
- Fill in the description, as appropriate.
- Select Submit
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Sorry to hear that! We understand that it's not a good experience but unfortunately Apple does require that they maintain control of the payment for purchases made within an iOS app. There's nothing Coursera can do.