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OAED program / change course

  • 11 January 2021
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Hi. i enrolled to specialization but with the covid situation I can not do any assignments. How can I change to a simple cours since I must finish it in less than a month?

3 replies

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Hi @Georgios V. 

Can you explain more when you go to course what it is showing? "upgrade to submit" or "no more Enrollments left"? Because, once you're Learning Program ends you will be automatically un-enrolled from any courses that you have not completed. 

Can you tell me exact issue so that I can assist you better.

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It just says “Save for Later” and it doesn’t let you proceed.

OAED made a deal with Coursera for unemployed people in Greece to take one course or specialization. we must finish it until the 11th of Febuary

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Hi @Georgios V. 

Maybe the program offers a limited number of sponsored courses. Because you have mentioned "OAED made a deal with Coursera for unemployed people in Greece to take one course or specialization". So, you will need to contact the faculty member or administrator who shared the Coursera for Campus program with you. It sounds like OAED Program set a limit on the number of courses that each participating student can enroll in. 

If suppose they say you are allowed to enroll in more courses in any Specialization you like, then you need to reach Coursera’s support team. They will look into this for you. To do, please go through the help article here:-


And make sure you are login into account and you will see (technical or accessibility issue, you can email us here) click on that and submit your query via email. Supporting team will get back to you as soon as possible. Hope this will help you.

All the best!