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Can any one help in creating a Community Manual in pdf format which covers all topics so every new joiner can easily participate, learn and play effective role.

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Hi @shahzad,
Welcome to the community! Do you need a PDF file of this web page?

Getting started in the Coursera Community
@shahzad, you can easily save this (or the other available web pages) as a PDF file using a browser like Chrome. If you have more questions, please let me know.
@shahzad ,I had also started a topic ”Helpful Hints on the New Community “here, if you scroll down the threads here you will find it. It had been my hope that people would add things as they went along and discovered them. It’s good to keep it open like this to continuously add.
If you have any, please add to that thread too.
As @Maryam said, there are excellent introductions here too.


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