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Most basic Math / Algebra course for beginner

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Kindly assist if you can with the most basic courses available for Mathematics / Algebra. I have bad school memories when it comes to Match but enjoy sums and use it a lot. My kids are now starting with Math in school themselves and i would like to assist them at home as well as improve on my very basic Math knowledge.
Appreciate your feedback even if not on Coursera - where can i start and then come back to Coursera MOOC for more later?


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I have similar memories regarding math in school! I hope you'll get some good recommendations here. I think it's wonderful that you want to assist your kids and improve your own knowledge!
Hi @JP SA ,

How nice to hear that you are going to be helping your kids during their school. I’m sure they will appreciate it so much. 🙂 I had signed up for Pre-Calculus from University of California, Irvine during its first offering some years ago. I did not have time to complete it but I remember that the teachers were very good, providing very good assignments. Now, it seems the course is divided into two sections. Here is a link to one part:

and to the other part: .

There was also an intermediate algebra course from the same teachers but it does not seem to exist anymore. Only these two maths courses seem to come up from this university after a search in If you type Pre-Calculus or mathematics or algebra in your search in Coursera, there are many more options but I have not tried them.

In general, Khan academy is also well known to teach on the basics on many different topics including maths:

I hope these help some. Best wishes for you and your kids. 🙂

If others have more suggestions, please feel free to contribute further. Thank you.


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