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  • 31 May 2019
  • 4 replies

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Help center is as good as hopeless for some questions. How can I find 'Live Chat'?

4 replies

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Looking down the list of postings in 'Community Help & Questions', it is evident that Coursera has some real issues, and things are far from working properly.

It is fine that Coursera has this 'Community' but if they never listen, then there is a problem. Coursera please, get your shit together. Right now, and I am apparently not the only one, I feel cheated and defrauded!
Hi @Xamãma,
In case the Help Articles do not address your issues when you visit the Help Center, and you need to reach the support agents, please follow these steps. I've selected this Help Article as an example: Refund Policies

  • Open the Help Article. If the content does not address your issue, click Contact Us. It's located at the end of the article.

  • Now, click the "Payments" option, for example:

  • Select "Refunding a payment":

  • Click "I need a refund", for instance:

  • Then, you may select "A subscription payment":

  • You'll see such a link: "Still need help? Contact us"

  • Then, you'll be taken to this page. Make sure you'll sign into your account. The "live chat" window (or a form for sending an email message) is available.

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Thank you for your kind words and support .

Best wishes,

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I have now spoken to live chat, and they could help with.................................well nothing.

Coursera has gotten an idea in their head, applied blinders and are only looking on that one square metre right at their feet.

If they don't take care they will in the end up, only having students auditing, as paying students won't put up with this forever, and after all the paying students are important and the ones that provides the resources that finances the entire caboodle. I might be wrong, as for many it is about achieving diplomas rather than learning.