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Hello All,

I have completed one course in GCP while using English language as a medium of instructions. The next course I registered as “Architecting with Google Cloud Platform” .


After starting the course i noticed that language of instructions (course titles) are changed to Japanese.  While under my profile setting the language is shown ”English”. I am still able to go through videos and can attend the qwicklabs but having difficulty while attending the quiz. 


I cleared my cache and cookies from the web browser. 

Your help will be appreciated. 

Note: See the attached image. On the life side the course contents are showing mix in both languages. 


Best regards, 


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You can  get help from the Coursera support team by logging into the Help Center.  Click on "Contact Us"  link available on the Troubleshooting articles page and then you will see a link to email Coursera. This will take you to a form that you can complete about your issue.

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Thanks Vija