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Issues accessing an coursera account.

  • 29 March 2021
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My old password has only 6 characters and it seems that new requirements are to use 8 or more. I cannot use my old password nor I get any email when I request my password to be reset. Any help?


5 replies

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Hi @Jaamp . check your spam folder maybe you will find the email from coursera . also follow the steps in this help article to reset your password : Reset your Coursera password . also check you write the right email when you try resetting your password .

if you still have an issue you can contact customer support agent to get help  . you will find email us here click on it and after that submit your email query :

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Thank you Salahny!

Unfortunately I still cannot connect with my login details nor I receive emails to reset my password. Thourgh I receive emails from Coursera on other stuff. I did check my spam folder and cannot find any email from Coursera.

Please advise on what other steps I could undertake.

Thank you!

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Also the link you are sharing is not useful as the site requires me to login in order to get specific help. This is a real customer service gap for Coursera!


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you are welcome @Jaamp . please also try to reset your password from different browser and device maybe this will help you , if not you must contact the customer service to help you reset your password . you can contact the support without login to your account just click on email us here and after submit your email query as shown on screenshot . if you cant do this step from specific browser or device try to use other browser or use the contacting link in incognito mode .


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Thank you dear Salahny. I just tried with another browser but the problem remains. I have sent an email as per your instructions and hope to get an answer soon.