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Improvement on Coursera website translation.

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I have two suggestions for the coursera website.

The first is that you cannot choose the display language of the website unless logged in. For example, you cannot switch language on The language displayed is based on your browser's language. Sometimes you just want to go through brief information about a course without logging in. Also, I believe that there must be many people who just found some courses on Coursera and have not determined whether to sign up for an account or not. Unable to change the display language must be quite unfriendly.

Second, I think the Simplified Chinese translation of the website interface is really bad. I admit that the video translations in specific courses by the community are mostly of very very high quality. However, it is just the website interface translation which is far worse and causes a lot of misunderstandings. I'll take two examples.

Example a: At page (also applies to other course pages), the "REVIEW" on the navigation bar is translated to "审阅", which I believe that "评价" is a better translation. "审阅" takes the meaning of like "inspection", whereas "评价" takes the meaning of "comment".

Example b: When watching any specific video of a course, you can take a note at the video's right side. "Note" should be translated to "笔记" instead of "注意事项", where the latter one takes the "caution" meaning of "note".

I have no idea what the translation qualities for other languages are. But I sincerely hope Coursera could be more friendly to international users and grow better.


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Hi @Chenhui, thanks for your feedback. I've moved your post to the Community Help & Questions forum as the Course Suggestions forum is meant for new courses that community members would like Coursera to offer.
Hi @Chenhui ,

Thank you for your thoughtful suggestions! We will review the Simplified Chinese UI and search for any instances where the translations can be improved. Please note that this may take a while to be reflected on the live site.
As for your suggestion regarding translated UI in the logged-out state, I can certainly bring it up for discussion internally.

Best regards,


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