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If Everyone will be expert no one will be

  • 4 December 2018
  • 3 replies

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i see here in my country everyone is doing the same thing like if everyone wanna be engineer, doctor and lawyers. they all wanna work for someone else, like a servant.
Data science field is so common in my country so every engineer is going into that field, both IT and non IT. so i am just wondered if everyone will be data scientist no one will be.

3 replies

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@KRONOS I think this is a really interesting question. Is it possible that people can specialize within IT so that they do, in fact, become an expert on a particular topic within the field?
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@Laura yes it is possible to become expert in IT and it is quite easy according to me.
just need a lot of practice!
Hey, I think people are taking the wrong meaning of "up-skilling", they should really think what branch of IT or Non-IT they belong to and then decide on the future career path. Nowadays, many online as well as offline companies are marketing Data Science as the only path to upskill or in demand skill. So in the end, its only what will bring you an advantage in your current situation that matters.