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I want to contact asap. Need Help.

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i Enrolled for Google Project Management Certificate course.

The Fee For the course is 1027+ Taxes

They have 6 module/Chapter we can say.

So, My Question is, the fee 1027+ taxes is for whole of the certificate or for 1 module. 

Like, for all the Module, They have 6 innit, we need to pay 1027+Taxes Individually ??

or Is that for whole Certificate???

It’s written there that 1027+Taxes / Month. But still it’s not clear that, we need to pay for all the 6 Courses Individually or for whole.

Like i can finish 1 Module in a Day. So am i paying 1027+ taxes for 1 Module only? and need to pay the same for Other 5 ???

PS. - I Applied with 7 Day Free Trail.

Need Assistance asap.




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Hi @Prashantjn . you will charged monthly until you finish your professional certificate , you will not charged for each module if you finish the whole professional certificate in 1 month you will be charged just for 1 month and if you finish it in 5 month you will be charged each month until you finish it so how much you will be charged its depends how much time you take to finish this certificate you can learn more about coursera subscription in this help article : Coursera subscription .

if you need to contact customer support agent , make sure you are login to your account you will find email us here at the bottom of the page click on it and after submit your email query : https://learner.coursera.help/hc/en-us/articles/360036160591-Get-Help-with-Coursera


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@salahny  Thanks. 

This is really helpful.

But, as i completed the 1st One, I am not able to take the next One. they are asking to enroll again.

I applied with 7 dat free Trail, Is it because of that? after completion of 7 days, do i gonna get access to othere Module?

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You are welcome @Prashantjn . as explained in this help article : Free trials for subscriptions , you will have acess to all courses in this specialization during free trial period you can go to course home page and see if you can enroll and see the course material if you cant you can contact the customer support to help as i show you in my first reply .