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I'm a Plus user; a course labelled as "Plus" still wants to charge me

  • 13 January 2021
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I am a Coursera Plus customer. I used “search Plus courses” at https://www.coursera.org/courseraplus to find immunology courses. The Rice immunology specialization courses came up. They have the word “Plus” next to their name, and came up as a result in “search 3000+ Coursera plus courses.”

Yet when I click “enroll,” course charges pop up.

I am logged in the entire time, including when I click “enroll”

Why is it trying to charge me for the individual course when it has been labelled as part of the Plus courses?

Pic included showing “PLUS” after the course name. To reiterate - I am logged in this whole time. It is not a matter of the site not recognizing that I am a plus customer. 


1 reply

Hi! @kml111 , I do understand your concern regarding technical issue you are facing with your plus courses.


You need to get help from a support agent. 


Please enter the Help Center and log in from the top right corner. Then, look for the option [If you still need help with a technical or accessibility issue, you can email us here] at the bottom of this Link .


There you can find an option for email us here.


Hope you'll be able to submit your query and I'm sure they'll respond you soon.


Best regards,

Rizvi Syed