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I finished the course early. What happens?

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Hello, how are you?

Today, I finished all the 9 courses of the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate (https://www.coursera.org/specializations/ibm-data-science-professional-certificate). I got all the 9 badges, and everything looks fine.
However, I didn't receive any information about the Certificate, and I couldn't find anything related to the payments, as I finished the courses ahead of schedule.

What do I need to do to get access to the full certificate?

Am I going to be charged for the rest of the months, even if I finished everything? Can I prevent this, and still get the certificate?

Thank you for your attention,


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It is best to contact the Help Center, William, and ask in you course too. The Help Center is reachable at the top right here.
Good luck!
Hi William,
The certificates are issued manually - since you posted this 8 days ago, I'm assuming you have received it by now. Please confirm. Also, as long as the dashboard is updated and shows as the certificate being complete, you will not be charged any more. Many congratulations!


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