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I don't have a "Manage Subscriptions" tab and cant cancel my subscription

  • 11 June 2019
  • 1 reply

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This is so frustrating, I follow the directions on how to cancel a subscription
  • Open your "My Purchases" page
  • Click the Manage Subscriptions tab
But I go to my Purchased Page and there in not any Manage Subscription Tab. What makes this whole experience worse is that it impossible to find an email address for a help centre. Its seems Coursera tries to avoid any direct contact. It took me half an hour to find this community page where I can at the very least communicate to a real person.
Can someone please help?

1 reply

Hi and welcome, @MGraham!

So sorry to hear this! So you are not able to cancel it because the tab is not present on your page. You can chat with the support agents and report the problem. They're the ones who can fix it for you. To do this, you need to click the "Contact Us" button at the end of a Help Article. It'll take you through a self guide. Sometimes, however, it's not possible to find an answer in the self guide. In such cases, the process directs you toward a page where the live chat window (or a form for sending an email message) is available:
I've provided that link for you directly because I know the self guide may not cover your case. Just click the above link, log in to your account, and start chatting with them.

Best wishes.


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